Discount for Non-Profits

We don't believe in charging nonprofits and for-profits rates of $200 to $300 to post a single job.

Posting Type



Standard Job

Listed for up to 60 days

  • Access to resume database until job ad expires

Featured Job

Listed for up to 60 days

  • 14 days minimum as Featured job
  • Includes company logo
  • Top of job listing
  • Access to resume database until job ad expires

Multi-Job Subscription

Our best value

  • 10 standard job ads
  • Add jobs quickly and easily every time
  • Access to resume database with each job ad posted

Resume Database

Standalone access to resume database

  • Get 60 days access to search our resume database

Post Conference

Ad expires upon event end date

  • Listing for professional-level conferences, workshops, training

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't answered here, email us at nature(at)
I thought it was free to post volunteer and internship opportunities?
Can we post our community Apple Fest in your event listings?
Can I place one ad that advertises multiple different job titles?
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Is there a cost to re-post our job ad?
Can we post our job for free?
We paid online for a job posting with a credit card and didn't receive a receipt. Can we get one?
Can I pay online when posting a job ad?
We need to make a change to our job ad. How do we do it?
How long can a job posting be on WorkCabin?
Do you use social media to promote job postings?
How long does it take for postings to go live?
What kind of response should we expect from our job ad?
Can we choose to be invoiced?
Does your site have secure online payments?
How large is your community?
Why WorkCabin vs other sites?
Do you use social media and are you a job site that is actually active on the platforms or just using robots?
How do I post a job?
You say that you review postings before they are approved to go live on WorkCabin. Do you reject postings?