Why WorkCabin

For us, it begins with being authentic about what we do and why we do it


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More Canadian employers choose to post conservation and wildlife jobs at WorkCabin.ca than any other site in Canada. Period. We know our niche. So does our audience.

1. Credible and authentic

WorkCabin was founded in 2007 by conservationist Gregg McLachlan, a past director with a world biosphere reserve foundation. He owns and manages a 30-acre conservation forest reserve. He’s a nature photographer, explorer and wilderness trekker, helps to educate others about conservation, and is formally accredited and certified with the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC). He was the keynote speaker at the Ontario Envirothon 2015 Championships, a provincewide competition which brings together the most innovative high school students to compete in skills related to wildlife, aquatics and forestry. He was also a presenter at the 2016 Latornell Conservation Symposium.

2. Progressive

WorkCabin is a full-time company. We continually invest capital in our service. Just like our quality clients, we understand that it’s vital to remain progressive today.

3. Social media savvy

WorkCabin has firmly established itself as a Canadian conservation-focused leader on social media. We have a highly engaged follower base that we interact with on a daily basis. In fact, social media is a major reason why WorkCabin has grown so fast and become a Canadian success story. We have more than 15,000 followers across Twitter, Instagram Facebook.

4. Affordability

Our everyday rates are about value. We attract employers to our service who see that value and embrace investing to use the premiere service that delivers results, attracts qualified applicants, and complements their own values about conservation.

5. We work hard. Very hard

When we first launched in 2007, a quasi-competitor wrote a long letter to us telling us to kill our new startup because our service wasn’t needed by Canadians. That letter still hangs in a prominent spot in the WorkCabin office. It reminds us everyday that audiences determine who succeeds and who doesn’t. WorkCabin has leapfrogged to become the recognized #1 conservation job board in Canada because of hard work, building meaningful and genuine bonds within the conservation field, and by being authentic about what we do and why we do it. And the credit for that success goes to Canadians for deciding our service was indeed needed in Canada

6. Top employers

Top employers, organizations, municipalities and provincial government agencies choose to be associated with WorkCabin. That’s something we take very seriously. Our brand is about delivering the best to Canada’s top brands for environmental and conservation employment.

7. Entry to senior levels

Our users, as well as nonprofit and industry professionals, continually tell us that WorkCabin is relevant to a wider, skilled and qualified audience. We’re not a job board where 90% of the postings apply to only job seekers with 15+ years experience.

8. Universities love us!

WorkCabin is hugely popular among students at Canadian colleges and universities. In fact, 42% of our visitor traffic is skilled, and between the ages of 25 and 34. Many college and university career centres have links directly to WorkCabin.ca.

9. Focus on quality

Quality and credibility is paramount to us at WorkCabin.ca. The types of postings and employers we attract illustrates how we stand out. We don’t attract fluff postings nor do we swipe job advertisements from employer websites and use them without authorization. We’re a professional-level, paid service that attracts the best. Employers choose to use us and post their jobs with us because of our reputation and results.

10. Canadian focused

WorkCabin is proudly Canadian. We’re an established brand name known by Canadians. Employers’ feedback shows that WorkCabin.ca produces more qualified Canadian job applicants compared to similar websites, generalist job boards or international job boards that flood HR with unqualified applicants or worldwide applicants.