Electrofishing Online and Field Certification Program


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Date(s) - April 27, 2017 - December 22, 2017
All Day


CRI Electrofishing Online and Field Certification Program

Backpack and boat electrofishing training is a signature course delivered by CRI’s Training and Professional Development program this year and is recognized by the federal department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada as an acceptable backpack electrofishing training course.

Course Overview

Electrofishing is a commonly used fish collection method in streams, rivers, and lakes.  Although not legislated in most provinces in Canada (except for BC), electrofishing training provides employers with evidence of due diligence and provides trainees with adequate knowledge of the risks and safety features of these machines.  We focus on backpack electrofishing training, but also have boat electrofishing training upon request.

Learning Objectives

  • What is electrofishing?
  • Why electrofish?
  • Electrical and electrofishing theory
  • Impacts of electrofishing
  • Electrofishing safety guidelines
  • Field procedures and techniques
  • Recommended standard operating procedures


This course is considered a ‘blended’ course – course materials are delivered via an online course and then all participants must complete a field practicum (half day for backpack, full day for boat and backpack).  The online materials are delivered using an online learning management system called Desire2Learn.  Participants must complete the online component (pass is 80% on final quizzes), a minimum of 48 hours before attending their designated field practicum.

Register well in advance of field training to ensure timely and sufficient access to the online materials before the field practicum.  Electrofishing certificate recipients should recertify within every 5 years to refresh their skills and update their certificate.

All participants must have first aid and CPR training to receive their electrofishing certificate, which can be completed after the field session.

If you are completing the “refresher” electrofishing training, you are only required to attend the practical field session.

Get full training details at the Canadian Rivers Institute