Park & Zoo Maintenance

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Job Description

Job Purpose

The Park & Zoo Maintenance position is responsible for the care and maintenance of grounds, buildings/facilities and equipment as well as animal care at the Riverview Park & Zoo. In addition, this position will (at times) be responsible for the direction and organization of day-to-day work for seasonal/student staff, ensuring work is completed in a safe and timely fashion, and all policies and practices are adhered to.

Main Accountabilities

  1. All aspects of daily care and maintenance of the park, grounds, buildings/facilities, equipment etc. This includes lawns, trees/shrubs, gardens, roads/pathways, shelters, washrooms, splash pad, playgrounds, park furniture, the miniature train ride, etc.
  2. Planning and co-ordinating construction projects.
  3. Monthly Facility and Equipment Checks/Inspections.
  4. Facilitate and support special events.
  5. Coordinate, assign, evaluate, and supervise the work of seasonal/student staff.
  6. Assist with the orientation, training, etc. of seasonal/student staff regarding procedures, safety, and equipment operation.
  7. Maintain accurate records for buildings, facilities equipment and other assets. This includes the regular completion of logs/reports for facility and equipment checks/inspections, maintenance, permits/licences/certifications, etc.
  8. Use and operate a variety of groundskeeping/maintenance equipment, such as a riding and push mowers, trimmers, rakes, edging tools, shears, manual and power saws, snow blowers, front-end loader, chainsaw, tractors, dump/pickup trucks, backhoe.
  9. Performs preventive maintenance and minor repairs on equipment and ensures equipment is in proper working order.
  10. Litter pick-up throughout park and zoo, clean and restock restrooms.
  11. Winter duties as required including but not limited to snow and ice removal.
  12. All aspects of daily care (on a rotating schedule) for the animal collection including animal nutrition, husbandry, enrichment, training, etc. This includes caring for/working with both domestic and non-domestic species with mammals, birds, reptiles and fish all being represented. Including:
  • Employ appropriate work methods, techniques, tools, equipment, etc. for working with dangerous animals.
  • Observation of animal behaviour, condition, medical problems, etc.
  • Diet preparation, proper food storage and replenishment of supplies.
  • Regular delivery of enrichment activities for the zoo’s collection as set out in the enrichment program.
  • Provide operant conditioning (behavioural training) for a variety of species.
  • Assist with the delivery of the animal health program including preventative, routine and emergency medical procedures, animal restraint, etc.

        13.  Maintain accurate records for animal collection and facilities. This includes the regular completion of                 logs/reports for diet/feeding, husbandry, enrichment, training, medical procedures/treatments general observations, inventory as well as surveys/questionnaires.

         14. Continually review and keep abreast of pertinent legislation including: Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA), Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS); and Ministry of Environment.

         15.  Responsible for personal safety and the safety of others that is dependent upon their actions. Report hazards and unsafe acts or conditions encountered on the job to fellow workers and supervisors. Responsible for having a working knowledge of all applicable safety legislation pertaining to the job; and

        16.  Other duties as assigned.


  1. Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
  2. A minimum of two (2) years of experience in grounds, building/facility and equipment maintenance as well as two (2) years of experience in providing animal care for a variety of domestic and exotic species in a zoo/aquarium setting.
  3. Working knowledge of use and care of motorized equipment and hand/power tools used in grounds and facility maintenance activities.
  4. Demonstrated working knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions applicable to grounds, building and facility maintenance, use of tools and equipment, and proper use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, waste, etc
  5. Demonstrated experience in/understanding of animal husbandry, behavior and nutrition.
  6. Knowledge in maintaining records related to maintenance, horticulture, animal care, etc.
  7. Post-secondary education in a related field would be an asset (Landscaping Technician, Horticulture or Environmental Landscape Management, Conservation biology, Veterinary Technology, Fish and Wildlife Technology).
  8. Asset in knowledge of the following Regulations: AODA, TSSA, CSA-Playgrounds
  9. Successful completion and/or eligibility to  obtain certification n the following courses: First Aid, C.P.R. and A.E.D, Working at Heights, Hosting & Rigging, Chain Saw Safety Awareness, Fire Arms Acquisition Certificate (PAL)
  10. Proficient in the use of the MS Windows, MSOffice Suite, applications
  11. Demonstrated excellent attendance record.
  12. Demonstrated excellent safety record and attitude.
  13. Valid Class G driver’s licence and good driving record; and
  14. Ability to meet the Physical Demands Analysis


Work Perks

The Peterborough Utilities Group offers a culture of Teamwork, Professionalism, Safety and Commitment to our Customers and Community. Our employees enjoy a Great Pension & Benefits, Learning & Development, Continuing Education, Wellness programs, EAP, and more. Our organization is continuously focusing on creating a work environment where everyone feels valued and proud of the work we do.

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