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The Boundless School

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Job Type: Full-time Job category: Outdoor Education Tags: counsellor, outdoor, school, teacher Job Locations: Palmer Rapids, Ontario Job Description: THE BOUNDLESS SCHOOL IS HIRING OUTDOOR EDUCATORS SEASONAL AND FULL-TIME POSITIONS AVAILABLE NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR SPRING AND EARLY SUMMER START DATES, 2018 Note: room and board provided – applicants from across Canada welcome ABOUT BOUNDLESS A registered Charity and an Independent High School, Boundless works with older teens in the Madawaska Valley of Eastern Ontario, and helps them accomplish extraordinary feats of learning and teamwork. Our mission is to go to the ends of the earth to help teens achieve academic and social outcomes beyond their wildest dreams. We are quite relentless in insisting people be good to each other. The result is an exquisite learning environment where kids don’t want to leave. In the Spring and Summer, we run 5-13 day adventure programs for high school credits. In the Fall and Winter, we deliver an adventure-based boarding school for struggling teens. WE LOOK FOR THREE AREAS OF EXPERTISE. POSSESSING ONE IS ENOUGH, TWO IS INCREDIBLE, AND ALL THREE MAKES FOR A SUPERHERO. The Outdoor Focus About 75% of our program is in the outdoors. In the spring and summer, we do mostly whitewater – we feel the river in our bones. The rest of the year in our boarding school we do A LOT of outdoor stuff, a list too prolific to describe here. Those that specialize in the outdoor focus are often certified teachers, but just as often have solid experience in recreation, especially camps and canoe tripping programs. Having experience working with teens is also a huge asset. The Teaching Focus: We hire certified teachers who can teach compulsory curriculum like English or History, but with a flair for an experiential approach. Yet the capacity to teach high school curriculum isn’t sufficient. There must be some acumen in the outdoors, physical fitness and adeptness with teens. The Counselling Focus: BSWs, MSWs, CYWs and other people with a history of working in adolescent mental health are suitable candidates. We have deliberately left this section rather vague – we encourage an initial email or phone call to explore in greater detail. Full-time positions may be available from time to time. Compensation: Everyone starts at a wage of $2000/month, plus living expenses, for 3-4 months (8K – 10K). Once this period ends, full time and seasonal jobs are immediately available at an increased pay scale. How to Apply: PLEASE VISIT WWW.THEBOUNDLESSSCHOOL.COM

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: http://WWW.THEBOUNDLESSSCHOOL.COM →

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