Our new beta website has launched

We’re excited to launch our new WorkCabin beta website! It has been a long journey but we finally made it. We’re definitely still in beta. If you’ve ever launched a website, you’ll know the work never ends after launch. There are always surprises and we’re having lots of those “Oops, why wasn’t that done!” or “Hey, why wasn’t that caught during testing?” moments. Developing a website is major workload. There are lots of tweaks and fixes still to be made. Additional work on making all features of the site mobile friendly are still ongoing (as we go through the mobile version we’re noticing and adding several bug fixes to our to-do list). We’ll also be doing design tweaks on our home page and adding new features.

The big step was getting the beta site launched in July during the slowdown period in hiring. This will help us enter the busy fall hiring season with our new site.