Tell your organization’s unique stories

WorkCabin is now offering professional video storytelling filming and production services to conservation organizations. All work is performed by WorkCabin’s founder Gregg McLachlan. Commit by Dec. 18, 2015 to a 2016 film shoot (pay by Jan. 31), and you’ll get the 2015 introductory rate. Contact gregg directly at

If a photo is worth one thousand words…. a professional video is worth one hundred times that today. Audiences remember videos for a long time. That means the value, shelf ┬álife, and opportunities to use a video across multiple platforms and over and over again are powerful reasons to tell your story in a professional video.

Tell the stories of your organization or your staff to better connect with audiences and build your authenticity.

Check out this video filmed and produced for Bird Studies Canada.

The Field Biologist | Meet Jody Allair of Bird Studies Canada from WorkCabin on Vimeo.