WorkCabin films and produces new Christmas Bird Count video for Bird Studies Canada

WorkCabin’s latest conservation film project went live over the holidays. Bird Studies Canada hired WorkCabin to film and produce a video for the Christmas Bird Count for Kids (CBC4Kids). The annual nationwide event is a fun, family-friendly birdwatching event that promotes nature appreciation and environmental stewardship. Learn more at The video is now being used by Bird Studies Canada across Canada to promote the annual activity and encourage more families to get involved in birdwatching and enjoying nature.

“This was a fantastic project to be involved in,” said WorkCabin founder and conservation filmmaker Gregg McLachlan. “You can’t help but have a big smile when you see the enthusiasm for nature shown by the families and children involved in the Christmas Bird Count for Kids.”

Filmed over the course of an entire day at Port Rowan, Ontario, WorkCabin followed the families as they toured various habitats and recorded the birds they spotted. One of the highlights of the day was a young boy spotting a yellow warbler in a tree along a shoreline. The sighting was confirmed. It set a new record for the area for latest sighting of a yellow warbler in that area. Warblers are migrants and are usually long gone by December.

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