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Real. Authenthic. Truly Connected.

Together. For the environment.

Since being founded in 2007, WorkCabin has trailblazed a path to becoming nationally recognized and respected as Canada's premier destination for conservation and environmental job postings. We're not just another job board that just happens to have conservation and environmental job postings. Our story is authentic (read below). Based in a 30-acre private forest reserve, WorkCabin is all about being connected to the field we serve. We also work boots-on-the-ground in the field with biologists and local, provincial, and national organizations. It's how WorkCabin really is different from other jobs boards.


Our audience is precise.

Our website attracts more than 100,000 views per month. Most importantly, WorkCabin's audience is actively engaged, enrolled, studying or working in conservation and the environment already.

For candidates, WorkCabin has a well established reputation for attracting top employers who have quality job openings.

Conservation filmmakers in Canada

Real connection. was founded by Gregg McLachlan. He is a professional conservation filmmaker, and past director on the board of a Canadian biosphere region. His connections to conservation run deep. He has been a keynote speaker and workshop presenter for local, provincial and national conservation organizations; He has been featured in The Globe and Mail about his favourite nature and outdoors apps; He has been a presenter at the Latornell Conservation Symposium; He has coached the next generation of biologists, ecologists and wildlife technicians by partnering with Canada's Emerging Leaders for Biodiversity organization to lead resume workshops and facilitate conservation careers panel discussions.

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