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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, email us at nature(at)

Can I place one ad that advertises multiple different job titles?
Sorry, only one job title per ad. A job ad for ‘various job title positions’ is not permitted ~ jobs must be inputted as individual jobs ads. By doing this, you also ensure maximum effectiveness through our feeds, social media, and search algorithms. Example: You cannot advertise a position with the job title Now Hiring Summer Students, and then list an entire series of different job titles in the advertisement. The jobs must be inputted as separate job titles.
Can I upload an attachment with my job ad?
Sorry, but because of the proliferation of macro-viruses, job advertisements can not be uploaded to the website as attachments. Please use our online form to create and edit your job postings.
Is there a cost to re-post our job ad?
Re-posting of an advertisement after 60 days from the original posting date is considered to be a new ad, and therefore normal ad rates apply.
Can we post our job for free?
Sorry, we do not offer free job posting. Just like you, we have administrative costs and overhead, and we have to pay bills too. We do offer a discounted posting rate for nonprofits and an affordable rate for commercial clients and government agencies. We’ve become Canada’s premiere conservation job site for a reason: We invest and continually re-invest to build a service that offers superior value, unlike low-tech sites that make little or no investment and swipe advertisements from the internet on a daily basis. We also invest in big pipes (that’s tech lingo for large server equipment) to keep our service operating at maximum efficiency. Even with all this investment, we purposely keep our rates lower than other comparable, professional-level job sites. This ensures that even the smallest organizations can afford to post environmental and green jobs with us and use a progressive service to attract the right candidates.
We paid online for a job posting with a credit card and didn't receive a receipt. Can we get one?
When you post a job, our system automatically creates an invoice/receipt in your account centre during the checkout process. Log in to your account centre and you can quickly retrieve invoices and receipts.
Can I pay online when posting a job ad?
Yes. We offer the option of using our secure, onsite, online payment process. You remain on WorkCabin throughout the online payment process. You can pay online using MasterCard or Visa.
We need to make a change to our job ad. How do we do it?
Log in to your Account Centre. Click the job title you wish to update.
How long can a job posting be on WorkCabin?
All single job ads are for a maximum 60 days. Re-posted job ads are subject to our regular posting rates.
Do you use social media to promote job postings?
We sure do! Our Facebook page has more than 5000 fans. And our Twitter streams have 10,000+ followers. Our founder and general manager personally does WorkCabin’s Twitter account to ensure we are connecting on a genuine level with our audiences — it’s why WorkCabin is often cited as being the leader for authenticity among environmental job boards. He not only promotes your job advertisements, but he also converses daily about conservation work (because he does conservation and forestry work too!).
How long does it take for postings to go live?
For quality control we review all job advertisements before they are made live. We usually activate advertisements within 60 minutes or less, however, it can take a few hours if we are out doing field work. We always say that if you do not see your ad online within 24 hours to email us at nature(at)
What kind of response should we expect from our job ad?
We’re a niche job site. Because of that we’re recognized for quality applicants not quantity. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over many years in the job site business it’s this: our clients use WorkCabin because they don’t want a Mount Everest-sized pile of resumes from unqualified applicants originating from general Monster-sized job boards.
Can we choose to be invoiced?
Our system allows you to choose to pay online, or pay by cheque. Your Account Centre will generate your printable invoice and then you can mail your cheque. Please note: Overdue payments are subject to late fees.
Does your site have secure online payments?
Absolutely, yes. WorkCabin is fully secure and handles transactions directly on our site. We accept VISA or Mastercard. From your account centre you can also see your order history, print invoices, etc.
How large is your community?
WorkCabin has achieved tremendous growth in Canada since launching in 2007. We’re humbled to now be widely acknowledged by a wide margin as Canada’s largest go-to conservation employment community. More than 25,000 job seekers, professionals and employers are registered in our system. That means they’ve created accounts. What’s more, our website visitor traffic hits up to 100,000 visitors per month. On social media, our channels have about 20,000 combined followers.
Why WorkCabin vs other sites?
WorkCabin is very very focused. Our client employers and job seekers know that. Our listings don’t leave folks scratching their heads about what our focus is. We’re not all over the map. Our speciality is well known in Canada. For that simple reason, you reach a community that is very focused. Our community is also qualified.
How do I post a job?
Click the blue Post a Job button on our home page. Then either log in to proceed, or for first time visitors, go ahead and create your job ad immediately (we’ll email you a password so you can then access your newly created account).
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