Welcome to Canada’s Conservation and Wildlife Jobs Board, the recognized #1 resource for entry to senior-level career-track conservation-focused environmental jobs. Founded in 2007, WorkCabin.ca is a Canadian online business startup success story. We’re a unique service with a unique story behind what we do and why we do it.

We specialize in the fields of conservation, wildlife services and research, renewable energy, forest stewardship and forestry, environmental education, ecotourism, and environmental services and more.

The WorkCabin story

Any job board can include conservation jobs as a category. WorkCabin isn’t like other job boards. For us, conservation work is what we live and breath every day. We do forestry and monitoring work, spend time in the field with biologists, and do digital strategy work, video production, photography and guest speaking with conservation organizations. Being truly connected with the field we serve, and showing it everyday is a key reason why so many conservation organizations across Canada tell us they use WorkCabin.



Being invested in what we do is our difference

WorkCabin.ca was founded by conservationist Gregg McLachlan, a professional nature photographer and videographer, and past director with a world biosphere reserve foundation. He has been a keynote speaker for Forests Ontario’s Ontario Envirothon; He has been featured in The Globe and Mail sharing his favourite nature and outdoors apps; He has been a presenter at the prestigious Latornell Conservation Symposium; He has led conservation career workshops for national and provincial conservation organizations; He has been a guest speaker at the Ontario Conservation Authorities Conference. And he is hired by national conservation organizations to hike into the field to do photography and video work.


McLachlan owns and manages a private 30-acre conservation forest reserve. He has hiked rugged mountain trails, wilderness backcountry and deep into a rainforest to search for and spot a critically endangered bird. He lives and breathes the WorkCabin brand. If you follow him on social media channels, especially Twitter and Instagram, you see that he truly does spend every chance he gets in the wild, closer to nature, and talking about his love for conservation.

Fully certified and an accredited member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, WorkCabin’s founder personally coaches job seekers coast-to-coast to pursue their dreams.

Canadian employers and job seekers wanted an authentic conservation job board. That’s why we built WorkCabin.ca.