Don’t let this question screw up your conservation job interview

By Gregg McLachlan CPRW
WorkCabin founder

Job seekers prepare and prepare for interviews… and then they get hit with the one question they didn’t prepare for: “What do you know about us and what we do?”

“Um, Um, Um….” Silence.

Ugh. It’s the single biggest interview killer. HR people walk out of interviews dumbfounded when candidates can’t answer this basic question. It shows that the candidate can’t do basic research. And that is a red flag. Good luck. You’ve just taken an express pass toward the ‘No’ pile.

This is that annual reminder to do what should be obvious: Look at the organization’s website. Google recent news articles. Look at the organization’s social media streams.

You can’t afford to stumble on a question that is Basic Interview Prep 101