Our new beta website has launched

We’re excited to launch our new WorkCabin beta website! It has been a long journey but we finally made it. We’re definitely still in beta. If you’ve ever launched a website, you’ll know the work never ends after launch. [ … ] Read More

Problem Bosses: How to recognize them and cope

By Sylvia Hepler If you have a problem boss, you’re in the position of having to navigate a challenging, perhaps tricky situation.  Either you finesse it, get fired, or leave.  It’s that simple, isn’t it?  Take a closer look [ … ] Read More

Great tips for phone interviews

Phone interviews are a different ball game to face-to-face interviews. Mainly because any silence is awkward and you cannot read the interviewer’s facial expression or reactions (nor can they yours), as well as more minor facets such as not [ … ] Read More